National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown: “The product was a true Home Run with our fans. The kids showed the parents “...the cool pencils they got at the game…” before they showed them the autographed baseballs they received.”

Long Island Ducks: “Pointless Products supplied Long Island Ducks Build-a-Pencil sets as the giveaway item. The items were received very well by the Long Island Ducks fans. We also placed the individual pencils at the booths where scorecards are purchased. After reviewing the records on our scorecard sales, I found out that on that day, we sold more scorecards than any other Wednesday night in the entire season. This very well may be because the pencils were catching the eyes of our fans. The Build-a-Pencil sets are extremely creative and I'll be proud to see kids this year using their Long Island Ducks editions in their classrooms."

Drama Club Advisor, Cayuga Elementary: “Our drama club was looking for a big money/no hassle fundraiser. Selling the Build-A-Pencil kits seemed like a perfect fit from the start. The fourth and fifth grade drama club members were so excited to sell – and buy! – this great product. I myself purchased a number of kits to give as incentive rewards to my students! The company was a pleasure to work with: very knowledgeable, organized, and enthusiastic to help us meet our goals. In no time, and feeling nearly effortless, we not only reached our designated goal but almost doubled it! I would highly recommend both this company and product. I look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Stagecoach Elementary PTA: “Our school was looking for a fundraiser that went with our go green initiative this school year. We had our usual fundraisers but were looking for something unique and something that showed how easy it was to ”GO GREEN”. Selling the Build-A-Pencil kits seemed like a perfect product. The company was easy to work with: very knowledgeable, organized, and enthusiastic. I would highly recommend both this company and product. I look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Samoset Arrowettes: “We were very happy with the results of the Build-A-Pencil fundraiser. Each team member was responsible to sell a case of Build-A-Pencil kits. With about two dozen girls on the team, we were able to raise $1,000. We have done other fundraisers like selling candles and have not have had this success. The Build-A-Pencil kits were fun, different and easy to sell. We highly recommend the product and the company!”

Meadow Drive PTA: “As a new Co-President of Meadow Drive Elementary School I came across the Build-a-pencil company. I believed it was a great user friendly product with an attractive price point. I was also excited to offer something to my community that I knew was made in America. We had great success with Build-A-Pencil given that it was our first time. Another local school was so impressed with the product that they also chose this company for their fundraiser. The customer service I received was second to none. Given that PTA's are run by volunteers often with fulltime jobs, Pointless Products Inc went out of their way to accommodate me, personally delivering the pencils at a time that was convenient to me. All orders came individually wrapped so distribution was a breeze. I would recommend this company and this product without reservation.”

Hopkin Hills Elementary: “Hopkin Hills Elementary used the Build-A-Pencil kit fundraiser and provided each 5th grader with a case to sell. A great selling point to this option is having the product on hand and ready for purchase. People like the idea of getting it right then and there. We had a parent ask for a second case shortly after they were distributed! I found Pointless Products Inc. a joy to work with. I have recommended this fundraiser to other schools in our area. I did not hear one negative remark regarding the pencils, actually it was the opposite, “WOW, these are great!”, “I’ve never seen anything like this”, “I love that they’re 100% American made”. As I’ve told Pointless Products Inc. many times on the phone… I love this product! Thank you for helping our fifth grade class raise money to create a memorable 5th grade experience.”

Gatelot Elementary: “The Build-A-Pencil Fundraiser was a success for Gatelot Elementary School right from the start and its unique and innovative product will likely be a fixture for years to come for the PTA. The staff at Build-a Pencil worked hard with committee members to ensure that the fundraiser went smoothly and efficiently for our school and the results were fantastic. The students, parents and staff were all very excited about the pencil kits and we received rave reviews about the usefulness of the product and how it served as a great tool for children as well as being a creative and inexpensive gift for parents, who marveled over the diverse choices offered by the company. The feedback received from all persons involved in this endeavor as a result of this fundraiser made the committees work and labor very gratifying and we hope to expand on its success in years to come.”

Jericho Elementary PTA: “We heard great feedback from another elementary school that used the Build-A-Pencil fundraiser, and had great success, so we decided to try it. This was such a wonderful fundraiser for our school; we made much more money than we anticipated. We worked closely with the company, and since they had everything so organized, and "user friendly," this was one of the simplest fundraisers to run. Our students loved this product! Since it is so different from any other fundraiser, they were so excited to sell it. We can’t wait to work with Pointless Products Inc. again!”

"Every year at Manetuck Elementary we have Santa go class to class greeting the kids. In the past we would pass out candy canes but there is a ban on food in schools. So for the past two years pencils were what we went with. I had the privilege of passing the individual Build-A-Pencils out to the students; I was an elf and the students (grades K thru 5) LOVED them. I loved the mixed variety that was sent. Each class and student had a different holiday pencil. The PTA and the teachers love them as well. I found Pointless Products Inc to be extremely knowledgeable about the product. The price fit my budget and they delivered on time. I will be looking forward to ordering again for next season. Thank you Pointless Products Inc. for your help." -Manetuck PTA

“This is the first year we have conducted a “Build-A-Pencil” fundraiser for our Religious School. The “Go Green” concept makes this wonderful product even more appealing because of its ecological benefit. We were able to raise over $900.00 to supplement our holiday programming and upgrade our technology. I highly recommend your considering Pointless Pencils as a fundraiser.” -Temple Beth David

“Thank you so much for the Build-A-Pencil kits. We used the kits as a holiday hand out and the kids loved them!” -JFK Elementary, PTA President

“While attending the National PTA convention in Rochester, NY, we purchased a few Pointless Pencil products for our children thinking how cool they were. They loved them! We went back the next day to purchase more items. The interchangeable erasers come in a variety of colors and my kids loved trading them with each other. As co-presidents of our PTA, we wanted to get these great products into the hands of our students. At the time, several grades were preparing for state-wide testing. We ordered Pointless Pencils for each student embossed with a message of "Good Luck from the PTA". We sent home a flyer with our students inviting parents to write a personalized note of encouragement to their child. (Any student that did not receive a personalized message received a handwritten note from the PTA.) The notes were attached to the pencils and left on the students' desks the morning of the test. It was a great success, very well received by parents, and the kids loved knowing Mom, Dad, and siblings (even the family dog!) was wishing them well and thinking of them. Lots of smiles all around!” -Plank Rd Elementary

"We used the "pointless products" pencils for a fundraiser for our soccer team. We LOVED it! We have done other fundraisers in the past where you either end up buying stuff you really don't need or eating lots of leftover chocolate! We also didn't enjoy participating in all day fundraisers such as car washes. Selling pencils was easy and fun! We recommend getting mixed boxes of pencils - people really enjoyed picking pencils that suited their personality - not just our team! The best part was we earned a 68% profit for our team!" -Lake Grove Tsunami

“Thank you for a wonderful fundraising opportunity. The kids just loved the Build-A-Pencil kits. My own daughter ordered 5 packs so she can trade with her friends. My son loves the fact that he isn't getting stuck with the tip of the pencil when he reaches in this backpack! Thanks again and we look forward to working with you next year.” -Hiawatha

"As the new pencil shields were distributed, the excitement began building in my third grade classroom. The students took an immediate interest in their new writing tool. They experimented with the tool itself, as well as the eraser. Then enthusiastic eight year olds discovered the unique pencil shield. "What a great idea!" they exclaimed. Feeling very grown-up, the students used their pencil shields throughout the day. From a teacher's prospective, I think the tool is very pragmatic. The shield itself protects students from pencil point injuries. The shield also acts as a pencil extender. Every teacher is familiar with students who constantly sharpen their pencils until they are only a few inches long. With the pencil shield, the students can work as if their pencil is full length. As a result, I have observed significant improvement in handwriting and fine motor skills." -Susan Ryan, Third Grade Teacher