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Did you ever think that a pencil you used in school could be revolutionized? We sure did! We've created something that is good for our environment and makes the world safer for our children. Check out the next generation pencil - complete with its very own Pencil Shield®. That's right. The concept is pretty simple... Think "pen cover" but on a pencil with a replaceable eraser that: makes a pencil point safe, is economical while still being green and, of course, just plain genius. Help save the world from pencils that don't reach their full potential - use the Pencil Shield® and help save many of the 14 billion pencils that are produced each year.

If every pencil was offered with a Pencil Shield® and the ability to replace the eraser when it wears out collectively we could save as many as 60,000 trees per year worldwide. For this we have been recognized by News 12 on Long Island, check out the video clip from their Go Green with 12 Segment to learn more about it.

Save Money...Save Trees...Build-A-Pencil®!!

Thinking of having a fundraiser? Give us a call at (877) 366-7646 to customize one just for you. Hundreds of custom colors, designs and imprints available. Made in the USA.