Build-A-Pencil Kits make for perfect holiday gifts, basket fillers, back-to-school items, incentive gifts, party favors, or just to use for school... neatly stores in a backpack or school desk! Kids love them!!!

• Profitable, unique, useful fundraiser! Earn 50% profit or more!

New, fun items are something all children want- this could be the latest craze! They need pencils, why not make it enjoyable and useful while raising money for your organization! Priced just right it delivers a great value while still earning 50% or more in profits.

• Large selection and flexible fundraising options

-Currently there are over 50 Build-A-Pencil kits available. We have over 100 pencil designs and colors for every season and occasion! We also make custom kits (60 kit minimum order). Pencils can be customized with various graphics, inscriptions & colors. The options are endless!

-Fundraising can be done by taking orders with our fully customized full color order forms, or by providing each child a case of 24 kits to sell. A combination is also available. No money up front!

• Benefits for the Earth and for your organization!

-SAGE (Safe, American-made, Green and Eco-friendly) pencil system uses the Pencil ShieldTM which acts as an extension minimizing waste, maximizing use and allowing one to use the pencil until it can no longer be sharpened. The Build-A-Pencil kits are 100% made in America! The kits include; a dozen pencils and erasers, a Pencil ShieldTM, and a case to hold all the parts.

-Free brochures and customized posters are provided. Administration is made easy as we sort and package orders per individual and the electronic master order form does the math. You will be going GREEN using unique, high quality, American manufactured Build-A-Pencil kits - something to be proud of and sending out a great message for the children!

• Proven results and award winning!

-Testimonial-“Our drama club was looking for a big money/no hassle fundraiser. Selling the Build-A-Pencil kits seemed like a perfect fit from the start. The fourth and fifth grade drama club members were so excited to sell – and buy! – this great product. I myself purchased a number of kits to give as incentive rewards to my students! The company was a pleasure to work with: very knowledgeable, organized, and enthusiastic to help us meet our goals. In no time, and feeling nearly effortless, we not only reached our designated goal but almost doubled it! I would highly recommend both this company and product. I look forward to working with them again in the future!” - Drama Club Advisor, Cayuga Elementary

-Awarded Best New Product from Progressive Grocer, written up in the Newsday newspaper, broadcasted on GO-GREEN news segment of Channel 12 …..

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